One of the most admirable qualities of the Rottweiler is its character and temperament. During the Ancient Roman times, the breed was used as a herder for cattle and as a defender of his master and his master’s property. The cherished role of companion, guardian, and working dog required certain characteristics. The breed thus needed to be powerful, sturdy, dependable, courageous, highly confident, and immensely intelligent. Today, if properly bred, these intelligent dogs should exhibit all of these qualities in abundance, while also possessing a calmness and a self-assured reservation that does not lend itself to instant, indiscriminate friendliness. The Rottweiler should be aware of strangers, trusting an outsider only when they have proven to be trustworthy.

Is the Rottweiler right for you?

With appropriate training and attention, Rottweilers make superb companions and excellent house dogs. The breed loves to be with you every minute of the day! However, they do have moderate amounts of energy and a high desire to work. Because of these natural traits, the dog requires both physical and mental stimulation. Rottweiler training is extremely important. Daily walks, ball games, swimming, and hiking are the types of activities that will physically stimulate the dog. However, due to the breed’s intelligence, drive, and exceptional workability, a more challenging outlet may be more suitable. Herding , tracking, carting, advanced obedience training, agility training, Schutzhund (IPO), Protection dog sports, scent detection, dock diving, and service dog work are just some of the avenues for you and your Rottweiler to explore, building a tight bond and a balanced lifestyle.

If you are looking for rottweiler training in Deer Park, read on to learn more about the options we provide.


Secreti Haus Rottweilers is affiliated with Maximum K9 Service and Maximum K9 Nutrition. Maximum K9 Service is a full-service dog facility specializing in dog training and working dog activities. This affiliation with Maximum K9 Service, along with decades of experience raising and working with Rottweilers, has presented countless opportunities to handle Rottweilers (as well as a wide variety of other breeds). This experience has given us the ability and understanding of how to truly motivate the Rottweiler. The breed requires a certain balance of value, respect, companionship, and stimulation. This balance needs to be diverse and recalculated at different points in the dog’s life. Sustaining the proper ratio is critical in the dog’s upbringing and life maintenance.

At Maximum K9 Service we have training programs that are adaptable to the Rottweiler’s distinct requirements. We have programs starting from Rottweiler puppy training through to obedience up to advanced working dog activities. Some of the advanced activities we offer are tracking, detection, agility, protection, Schutzhund (IPO) and show handling, to name a few. Please visit, or come down to our facility for more detailed information about rottweiler training in Deer Park.