Rottweilers are a beautiful breed. Add in their loving, hardworking, and loyal nature, and a purebred rottweiler can be a wonderful addition to the family. But, those wonderfully appealing breed traits aren’t a given. Your rottweiler, like any other dog, will need the proper care and attention. What many don’t realize, however, is that proper training is even more valuable for a purebred rottweiler. Here’s why it matters:

Bred For A Purpose

To understand why training can have such an impact on a rottweiler’s behavior, you first need to understand that the breed as a whole has been raised to work, and work hard. The rottweiler breed can be traced back to the Roman Empire, at which point they were used to herd and guard cattle. Over the centuries, the rottweiler breed came to be valued for their guardian tendencies; they were often used to protect traveling butchers who frequently tied their money pouch around their dog’s neck because rottweilers were that protective. Fast forward to the 20th century, and rottweilers often served as police dogs as well as guard dogs. After centuries of working so hard, it’s fair to say that work and guardianship are qualities that have been thoroughly engrained across the breed.


Purebred rottweilers have centuries of hardworking ancestors contributing to their genetic makeup. They’re also one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Those two qualities combine to make rottweilers happy to do work, and smart enough to learn a lot of different tasks. The problem comes in when your rottweiler doesn’t have enough to do. It’s a bit like a kid being bored at school and acting out. If your purebred rottweiler isn’t given enough to keep them engaged, they are more likely to act out in negative and destructive ways. Training is the best way to teach your rottweiler proper behavior as well as to give him or her constructive things to do to minimize destructive behavior.

Starting Young

Something we cannot stress enough is that you need to start training rottweiler puppies while they’re still young — which generally means finding and working with a rottweiler breeder who will start that training. When they’re still very young, puppies will soak up everything that they are taught. Rottweiler puppies in particular can learn basic commands and good habits long before they’re old enough to leave their mother.

The other key thing to remember about rottweilers in particular is that their behavior is very deeply tied into their ‘pack.’ If a rottweiler doesn’t recognize anyone as a strong enough leader to be head of the pack, they will step into that role. So another big part of training is teaching a rottweiler that you or someone in your family is the head of the pack. Training not only teaches your rottweiler what expected behaviors are and how to perform certain tasks, it will also teach you how to be your dog’s pack leader. Given how loyal rottweilers are, this is just as important as any training your dog receives.

If you’re ready to undertake the work, a rottweiler can be one of the most loving and loyal companions. Learn more about rottweiler training and get information about rottweiler puppies for sale from a trusted breeder. Contact Secreti Haus Rottweilers today for more information!