For years, rottweilers have had the common misconception that they’re an aggressive breed not meant for ownership, especially if you have kids. As we talked about in a past blog, that’s really not the case. As long as you’re a responsible, knowledgeable owner, a rottweiler can be one of the best breeds. They’re smart, loyal, and hardworking dogs if you take your time to give them the home environment they need to thrive. Here are a few reasons a rottweiler may make an amazing addition to your family:


Rottweilers Are Hardworking

Rottweilers were bred and trained for centuries (or millennia) as a working breed. The breed can be traced back to the Roman Empire, where they were kept to help with herding and guarding cattle even that far back in history. Rottweilers are, as a breed, incredibly intelligent. In fact, they’re so smart that standard training may not be enough for your purebred rottweiler. They’re also an incredibly active breed. They often need more to do, and take well to more challenging jobs like herding, tracking, protection, and service dog work. However, do note: if you have young children, your rottweiler may nudge or bump your child in an attempt to herd them.


Rottweilers Are Loyal Guardians

Rottweilers are happiest when they have a ‘pack’ to protect, making them one of the best guardians. As long as your pup is given the chance to bond and spend plenty of time with you and your family, he or she will be incredibly loyal. And, because rottweilers are happiest when they have a job to do, they often take up the job of family guardian. However, they can become too protective, so it’s important to hone those instincts with proper training and socialization.


Rottweilers Are Loving

As we mentioned already, rottweilers are happiest when they’re with their ‘pack.’ As long as you establish yourself as the pack leader, your rottweiler will follow your direction well. It also means he or she will want to follow you (and the rest of the ‘pack’) everywhere. If you spend plenty of time with your rottweiler, he or she will be thrilled. This is why leaving a purebred rottweiler alone outside all day is bad for them. It’s not necessarily because being outside in the New York elements is bad for them; it’s because being separated from their people too long can cause separation anxiety and depression, which may give rise to unwanted behaviors. If you know you’ll be gone a lot and unable to provide your rottweiler with plenty of loving attention, now is probably not the right time to search out rottweiler puppies for sale. In addition, it’s important to note that proper socialization is important. Grown rottweilers can be wary of newcomers, so introduce any rottweiler puppies to children and other dogs early and correctly. This will help minimize any wariness or behavioral issues as they grow.

A purebred rottweiler can be one of the most loyal and hardworking guardians. But training — for both you and your rottweiler — will play a pivotal role, as will finding a reputable and safe rottweiler breeder. At Secreti Haus Rottweiler, we are dedicated to breeding healthy dogs with excellent temperaments, intelligence, and workability. In addition, we breed for rottweiler puppies to be conformationally correct for those who wish to show their dog. You can learn more about our breeding process here to see what sets our rottweiler breeding apart. If you’re interested in getting a rottweiler in Deer Park or the surrounding areas, contact Secret Haus Rottweilers to learn more about our rottweiler puppies for sale, our rottweiler breeding, and even training options.