Basic obedience skills are a necessity for every puppy owner, but they’re imperative for an owner who wants to have a working dog or a dog for shows. We love our rottweiler pups because they are one of the most well-known intelligent breeds; however, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to skip the basics.

Every new puppy needs to start at the very beginning in order to have the best personality as an adult.

Establish Authority

As the human in this relationship, you need to establish your position as the “pack leader” to your dog. This means showing confidence, leadership, consistency, and – of course – affection. Consistency is one of the most important elements to training an obedient dog because puppies can sense any lack of consistency from an owner, especially when it comes to spending time in the crate, meal times, and direct eye contact. Make plenty of time for your pup in the beginning to help your dog get to know the sound of your voice and who you are – plus a newborn dog needs near constant attention so you can catch and stop any bad habits as soon as they happen.

Use Your Voice

Before a puppy can even understand the commands or words you say, he can recognize your voice. Tone inflections are especially noticeable. Deep, low tones often indicate a serious matter or disappointment, while high pitched tones express happiness and play. Your dog can even connect with normal voice tones for regular conversation, which helps him train better when the different vocal tones are used. If you really want to get your pup’s attention, try whispering or talking quietly.

Make His Crate His Palace

A dog who is crate trained is an obedient pup. Often crates are viewed as cages that restrict dogs; however, we like to think of a dog’s crate as his palace. It should be a place where he can go to feel safe and comfortable, a place that is all his own. During the first few weeks of puppy ownership, it is necessary to crate train your dog so he can always recognize the crate as a home base. Crate training shouldn’t be thought of as temporary while he is a puppy because a work or show dog will likely be traveling and need to be secured in the crate for his whole life.

Start Housebreaking Immediately

Young puppies, just weeks old, have no idea about how to control their bladder or that they should be going to the bathroom outside. Often, when the urge strikes, they’ll piddle wherever they may be. Keep a close eye on your dog to recognize the signs that he may need to go outside. As soon as you see him start to show these signs, usher him outside and then give him plenty of praise when he does his business where you want him to. Again, consistency with this is key; the more consistent you are in the beginning, the faster your dog will learn.

These are just a few tips to get you started with training your dog in his early weeks of life.

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