A handful of dog breeds carry an unfair reputation. Unfortunately, the rottweiler is one of those breeds. Though there are a number of myths that contribute to a rottweiler’s bad reputation, the reality is that what most people think about them is completely false. In this blog post, we will debunk some of the most common misconceptions about rottweilers.

  1. They’re aggressive – Rottweilers are medium to large sized dogs with massive and powerful bodies. Because of their size, breeders encourage irresponsible breeding practices and less than ideal training. In these cases, rottweilers can exhibit overly aggressive behavior. You don’t have to worry about aggression with Secreti Haus Rottweilers. When it comes to Rottweiler breeding in Deer Park, nobody else compares. As a conscientious rottweiler breeder, we are fully committed to the breeding of healthy and trainable dogs. Not to mention, our Rottweiler puppies feature excellent temperaments.
  2. They’re impossible to train – Even thousands of years ago, rottweilers were working dogs. Equipped with unmatched intelligence and energy, Rottweiler puppies respond well to training. That said, training must be introduced at an early age. Daily walks, ball games, hiking, and other similar activities are a must. You and your Rottweiler can also explore herding, carting, advanced obedience training, and service dog work to build a tighter bond and more balanced lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to learn more about Rottweiler training.
  3. They attack children – In nearly 90 percent of cases where children are attacked by dogs, the blame is put on the child. Why? Well, a lot of kids don’t know how to behave with animals. Leaving them alone with a large, muscular dog is never a good idea, regardless of breed. As you long as you talk with your children how to treat animals, there shouldn’t be an issue. Frankly, Rottweilers make the perfect family pet because they’re both loving and protective.
  4. They turn on their owners – According to the American Kennel Club, rottweilers are the ninth most popular breed in the U.S. However, an improperly trained dog of any breed may exhibit aggression during their adult years. With intelligent dog breeds, in particular, never use physical punishment for training purposes. With appropriate training and attention, Rottweilers make one of the best guard dog breeds.
  5. They’re outdoor dogs – A purebred rottweiler used to only be bred for farm work. That’s no longer the case, though, as more families choose these dogs for pets. In spite of their thick coat, rottweilers shouldn’t be abandoned outside. Plus (and we can’t emphasize this enough), rottweilers absolutely love to be with their owner every minute of the day! Isolating them will only cause separation anxiety, depression, and destructive behavior. So be sure to give your Rottweiler plenty of physical and mental stimulation.

Rottweiler Breeding You Can Trust

Secreti Haus Rottweilers is dedicated to enhancing and promoting the quality of the rottweiler breed. Rest assured that our dogs feature high intelligence, superior workability, and the prized physical qualities for confirmation. In spite of the myths out there, Rottweilers are versatile, remarkable animals that excel in the working field, show ring, and, of course, as a beloved family member.

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