It’s no secret that rottweilers are perceived by many as an aggressive breed, but they’re truly intelligent dogs that just need proper training and attention to be a great addition to the family. They’re an ancient dog breed that need to stay busy because of their history as working animals. Though they aren’t ideal pets for first-time dog owners, they can be great companions when given the attention they need. Check out these other traits to decide if a rottweiler puppy from Secreti Haus Rottweilers is right for you.

1. They’re Social

Rottweilers are naturally very social animals that need a lot of attention and socialization. Rottweiler puppies should be introduced to other dogs and children as soon as possible so that they can get used to having them around. They need direction and guidance to stay busy.

2. They Need to Stay Active

The optimal amount of physical exercise for a rottweiler is 40 or more minutes a day. They tend to become obese otherwise. It’s great to take them on walks, runs, or to a dog park where they can socialize with other dogs under close supervision.

3. They Like Working

You’ll need to give your rottweiler puppy guidance and direction very soon because the breed has a history of cattle driving, pulling carts, and guarding property. They’ve been bred to be working dogs, so continue to train them or give them a task to do. They are great companions for children and, once well acquainted, are capable of looking after them.

4. They’re Confident

It won’t take long for your rottweiler puppy to start exploring and finding things to do, or chew. These confident, active, and intelligent dogs will start to become barkers and diggers when left to their own devices, so it’s important to give them the diligent attention and direction they require to stay constructive.

5. They’re Low Maintenance

Other than needing to stay active and social, rottweilers are very low maintenance. Their coat is short, dense, and coarse; so a quick, weekly grooming is enough to keep their fur in good condition. Occasionally there will be a fluffy rottweiler puppy in the litter, but they are not very common. However, coat care aside, they can be prone to drooling because of their loose flews (lips).


Rottweilers are amazing, confident, beautiful, and intelligent dogs that can be a perfect addition to any family. When well-socialized, they get along well with other people and animals. They love physical activity and exercising them daily is recommended. They enjoy being busy, so giving them tasks, training them, or having them compete in competitions will keep your rottweiler happy.

Strong-willed and courageous, your rottweiler puppy will always be exploring and looking for things to do, so be sure to supervise and guide them in their adventures. And finally, enjoy how easy it can be to keep such a large dog when you only have to brush them about once a week. If you’re considering purchasing a rottweiler puppy and this article convinced you, contact Secreti Haus Rottweilers for more information about and availability of our puppies.