Rottweilers are known for their unique markings and, unfortunately, the bad reputation that’s come to grow around the breed. While these may be the things that come to our mind at first, they aren’t the only attributes of these pups, and they certainly aren’t the ones that we should be focusing on when looking at the breed.

Secreti Haus Rottweilers spends some serious time with these puppies. In the hundreds of hours that we’ve spent enjoying sweet puppy kisses, cuddles, and good tug-of-war games, we’ve realized that there are some distinguishing traits of rottweilers that makes them a good fit for certain personality types. If you’re considering adding a rottweiler puppy to your home, read over the following traits and see if it’s something that would mesh well with your personality.

Reason One: Calm & Confident Demeanor

Rottweilers are very calm and have a confident demeanor, which is what many people mistake for intimidation and an overall dangerous personality type. These dogs are very much alpha animals themselves, which is why they mesh well with similar personality types. If you are someone that is timid or will step back when it comes to leadership opportunities, a rottweiler will notice.

This breed is known for recognizing the chain of command while also actively recognizing where they stand within it. If you are not an alpha owner — your rottweiler will take advantage of that.

Reason Two: You Have Time to Give Them Attention

While these dogs are very much alpha animals and can certainly hold their own, they’re also known for their loyalty. That being said, it’s important that you have that time to devote to them, but also that you realize the importance of their dedication and don’t take it lightly.

The bond between a rottweiler and their owner is something that these dogs value and something that they need to thrive.

Reason Three: You Don’t Mind a Little Mess

When you decide to add a new dog to the family, one of the things that you’re immediately committing to is the addition of dog hair to every black shirt, wool blanket and, at times, tasty recipes, to come. While not every dog shed — rottweilers do.

If you are someone that doesn’t enjoy a little bit of extra dog hair here and there, then this might not be the best fit for you. The good news is that rottweilers are still short-haired dogs, so it’s not nearly as consuming as other long-haired dog breeds.  

Reason Four: You Enjoy Training & Discipline

Training and discipline are something to expect with any dog regardless of the breed, but it’s a very crucial piece of the lifestyle for rottweiler dogs. Given their alpha personalities, it’s essential that you take training and discipline with your dog very seriously.

Whether you choose to train your rottweiler yourself, or you opt into an organized training program, it’s recommended that you spend the necessary time ensuring that your dog recognizes you as the alpha in the relationship. Taking the time to do so ensures that they have a solid understanding of the things that they need to do for the structure of the house to remain sound.

Since rottweilers have very outgoing personalities, the training done will reinforce the role that you have as the alpha in the house.

Reason Five: You See the Big Picture

If you’re someone that can look at a scenario and see the big picture or the long-haul, then a rottweiler will be a good fit for you. There are so many breeds that are known for being “kid-friendly” dogs or for having a social personality — and these are not the best descriptors of the rottweiler mentality.

These dogs require time to build trust and even more time to fully create that lifelong bond with their owner, however, that is the type of relationship that they will always have with their owner. This is a breed that will be by your side for the foreseeable future and will be as loyal as can be so long as you provide them with the same love and respect.

If the traits that we’ve listed above are traits that you’re seeking in a dog, then it’s time to add a rottweiler to your home! When looking for rottweiler puppies for sale in Deer Park, you can always count on Secreti Haus Rottweilers to take care of you. Browse all puppy rottweilers and adult rottweilers that are available here and contact our team for more information or inquiries.