Your Rottweiler puppy will undoubtedly be brilliant because of its particularly intelligent breed. However, it is not enough to count on their natural brain-abilities. As a responsible pet owner, it is your responsibility to offer stimulation and play interactive games to strengthen your Rottie’s intelligence and enhance their mental abilities. Follow along in today’s post as we give you some ideas about how to provide your Rottie with some active stimulation and intelligence-enhancing games.

Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? Your Rottweiler has a natural search-ability in his powerful snout. However, to teach them to effectively harness this — and all — of his senses, you can engage him in a game of finding the treasure you hide. With your Rottie pup, start simple by telling him to sit and stay as you hide a treat or his favorite toy somewhere obvious, while he is watching. Give him the cue to find the hidden treasure and then reward him when he collects it. Once he understands the treasure hunt game, begin making the hiding places gradually more difficult. Once he is able to find the treasure easily, you can then mix scents and various containers to attempt to confuse him.

Hide and Seek

This is a personal variation of a treasure hunt, only you are the treasure! Playing hide and seek with your Rottie is fun for both you and her. As a pup, you can make the hiding places fairly easy and close to where she is sitting. You can reinforce the command come by hiding and then calling her. She should use both her ears and nose to seek you, and you can continue to encourage her by saying “come here, girl, come find me.” When she finds you, praise her. As she ages, you can hide in more difficult places and only yell out once as the command that you are ready for her to find you. You can make it a family game by including other players.

New Tricks

Teach a young pup —or an old Rottie — new tricks! One of the best ways to strengthen any dog’s intelligence is by teaching them something new. As a young pup, there is no doubt you will teach her a variety of new tricks in rapid succession as part of basic puppy training. However, as your Rottie gets older, she will easily respond to basic commands and then it is time to up the difficulty level. Now, if you aren’t interested in teaching her “show tricks” such as rolling over or sitting pretty, there are still plenty of practical tricks to teach her. Rottweilers are naturally brilliant, love to please, and love having a “job.” You can teach her to crawl, play dead, or retrieve specific items on command. Learning something new is exciting and mentally stimulating.

Dog Puzzles

To keep your Rottie’s intelligence challenged, commercial dog puzzles can be both entertaining and stimulating. You can find these types of activities online or at your local pet store. Some commercial pet puzzles may include boards with compartments for you to hide treats for them to find. Some include buttons and various assembly of parts. The best dog puzzles will include a variety of difficulty levels or variations of the same game so that your dog doesn’t get bored.

Name Game

The name game is relatively advanced but great for strengthening your Rottweiler’s intelligence. Once he has mastered basic commands, you can move on to having him retrieve specific items using their name. This game is essentially expanding his vocabulary by referring to different items by their name and having him distinguish between them. You can begin with his toys and tell him over and over the name of a specific object and differentiate it between other items. Lay out a few objects and tell your Rottie to “get the ball” and praise him when he brings the correct object. As he learns the point of the game and can distinguish between various toys, you can then add other objects and even members of your family.

There is no limit to what your Rottweiler can learn. With some dedication and patience on your part, you can strengthen your dog’s intelligence and watch as a proud dog-parent as your Rottie impresses everyone. Your Rottweiler is naturally brilliant, so with minimal, but consistent, effort, you can easily be the proud owner of a genius!

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