Secreti Haus Rottweilers main objective is to produce a well-balanced family dog that preserves the work ethic and virtues of its Roman and German ancestors. In order to achieve a harmonious balance, we focus first on genetics. Genetics are the most important ingredient in the success of the dog’s life. The next part of the equation is creating a balanced lifestyle. Bringing up a balanced dog is a combined effort consisting of proper upbringing and balanced nutrition. All parties including a bitch, litter mates, breeder, owner and a trainer play a vital role in achieving this objective. At Secreti Huas Rottweilers we are dedicated to responsible rottweiler breeding in Deer Park. If you are searching for rottweilers for sale, read on to learn what sets our formula apart. 


Producing a dog of such a desired caliber takes years of research, dedication, and cooperation from experienced breeders. After 20 years of research, Rottweiler care and ownership, attending Rottweiler shows, advanced dog training, competing in dog sports, and traveling to Germany and learning from top Rottweiler breeders, Secreti Haus Rottweilers was created. The initial focus when creating our rottweiler breeding program was to select a strong female. We believe that a strong producing female is the primary building block of success. When picking our first foundation female, we looked at lines that were proven and produced strong, balanced temperaments that excelled in the show ring and were exemplary in the working field. Our awesome girl Ally von Carpio had all the characteristics that Secreti Haus required in a Bitch. She was a 19 month old green dog, strong, beautiful, displaying a balanced temperament, with high prey and food drive, along with the typical defense drive for a young bitch.

We started training Ally for Show and Schutzhund (IPO) immediately. Over the years we achieved success on the Schutzhund field, earning A BH, IPO 1, and a ZTP in Germany. Ally has been dominant in the show ring, achieving multiple V1’S, Youth Siegerins, multiple Siegerins , RKNA champion level, USRC Regional Siegerin, and V rated at Rottweiler Klub show in Germany. Ally’s health was also remarkable, exhibiting clear hips, elbows, and cardiovascular attributes. With these numerous accomplishments under her belt, our breeding program was officially established. Today Secreti Haus continues to refine this program by following a strict selection process. Staying committed to our line, with additions of ideal outside lines, we look to enhance temperaments and perfect the standard.


Bitch and littermates set the foundation of the upbringing process. During this initial stage puppies will learn pack structure, social interaction, and positive/negative association from mom. To continue to achieve the goal of a balanced dog, Secreti Haus has developed a diversified puppy program that works in sync with the natural pack curriculum, while at the same time introduces independence, environmental desensitizing, socialization, and confidence building. Within the first nine weeks, our puppies have naturally lived with their pack, but have also spent time among children, adult strangers, adult dogs, horses, and countless sessions alone. During our program, Secreti Haus puppies will have experienced and walked on carpet, grass, snow (if season permits), concrete, slippery floors, stairs, A-frames, and will have navigated our puppy obstacle course. They are introduced to the sounds of cars, motorcycles, gunshots, televisions, radios, and screaming kids. Our pups have baths, nails clipped, ears cleaned, and feet and belly rubbed multiple times before nine weeks. We introduce a flat collar, leash, play ball, tug, and the concepts of food luring and marker training. This beginning process is critical and sets the foundation for the pup’s next level of training.

The next level of upbringing is for the proud new owner to continue the diversified training process that was implemented from birth, while at the same time working on building a bond, relationship value, and a clearly defined hierarchy of the new family pack. A professional training regimen must be established within a few weeks. The initial emphasis should be on communication. Communication is best achieved by associating a particular value for a particular behavior. Consistent application of this association will create a clear picture in the dog’s mind, reducing and optimally eliminating conflict. Rottweilers tend to be handler-sensitive, so an initial focus on value will build strength and, very importantly, trust in your new language. Once the language is clear, a balanced training method should be introduced, featuring positive association for correct, desired behavior and negative association for incorrect behavior. The dog’s training sessions must consistently end on a positive note, so that both dog and owner feel good about the learning experience. This training formula must be continued for life, and expectations/goals should be increased daily in small steps. As a true working dog, the Rottweiler craves meaningful activity. Taking on challenges and achieving success creates stimulation, which creates a purposeful desire, which leads to satisfaction and growth. This way of life gives the Rottweiler a purpose and is critical in maintaining a balanced dog.


Nutrition is also a key ingredient when looking to develop a balanced dog, both physically and mentally. Starting at four weeks old, Secreti Haus pups are introduced to Maximum K9 Nutrition’s raw balanced natural diets. Once pups are weaned from mom, the Maximum K9 raw diet will be their only food source. All of our dogs and puppies drink alkaline-filtered water with no chloride or other potentially harmful chemicals. We will not feed any commercial dog food or kibble. We have a strict policy regarding the care and nutrition of our dogs. We believe that proper nutrition is the strongest preventative against illness and disease, while also promoting the dog’s ability to thrive and maximize its ultimate genetic qualities. Maximum K9 Nutrition is an affiliate company that specializes in raw natural food, natural treats, and performance supplements. Maximum K9 Raw Food blends were designed and tested by an experienced canine nutritionist. Our food is 100% USDA certified, inspected, and approved. It is manufactured in a state of the art processing facility using only human grade and USDA inspected ingredients from animals born, bred, and raised within the United States. When dealing with a dog’s diet, the highest quality and the most trusted process available are critical to the performance and longevity of the breed.

Looking for purebred rottweiler puppies? Talk to us today. Our unique formula allows us to offer premier and responsible rottweiler breeding in Deer Park.