When purchasing a Secreti Haus Rottweiler, be assured that you are receiving the complete package.

You are gaining a Rottweiler line that has been researched, proven, honed, and lovingly perfected. You are receiving a puppy or dog that has been properly socialized, imprinted, and selected to fit the lifestyle of each individual consumer’s family. Your new dog comes with a foundation and blueprint that, if followed, will create a truly balanced Rottweiler in every sense. Your new pup also comes with an important network of like-minded people, a “family” who all cater to the perfection of the Rottweiler breed. This network is a priceless resource of education, activity, and vital social interaction. Your new dog also comes with 6 free Puppy Classes. You will also benefit from 10% off all Maximum K9 Nutrition products, all retail items, and all training services, compliments of Maximum K9 Service in Smithtown NY. Your new dog will come micro-chipped, up to date on shots, and with an impeccable health certificate.

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