Secreti Haus Rottweilers is a code of ethics breeder that follows the FCI and ADRK German standards. We are dedicated to enhancing and promoting the quality of the Rottweiler breed. We proudly breed European bloodlines that are consistent and proven. As a conscientious rottweiler breeder in Deer Park, we are fully committed to the breeding of healthy and trainable dogs, featuring excellent temperaments, high intelligence, superior workability, and the prized physical qualities for conformation. The true Rottweiler is a versatile dog that excels in the working field, the show ring, and as a beloved family member!

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Joe Secreti has been active in the world of intelligent dog breeds since childhood. Being brought up with German shepherds, Dobermans, and then Rottweilers, his passion for working dogs led him to a career in dog training and services. In 1994 Joe purchased his first Rottweiler, and quickly became intrigued with the loyalty, confidence, strength, and remarkable balance of the breed. An addiction was started, and his growing love for the breed pushed him to new Rottweiler-related endeavors. Through the years Joe has owned and trained many Rottweilers. He travels nationally and internationally, competing in Schutzhund (IPO) dog sport as well as showing his dogs in the Rottweiler sieger show ring. This journey introduced Joe to many top Rottweiler breeders and trainers that today he considers lifelong friends.

Throughout his canine career, Joe has attended numerous dog-training courses and seminars. This has resulted in a diversified knowledge and experience when it comes to pet obedience, canine behavior modification, dog sports, and working dog training.  He  has received many prestigious awards in dog sports and dog shows. Joe is an AKC CGC evaluator, a certified Schutzhund USA Helper, one out of two Americans in USA to be certified as an ADRK Schutzhund Helper and a recipient of multiple dog training certifications.  Joe is  the training director of the Big Apple Rottweiler Club, a member club of the Rottweiler Klub of North America (RKNA).  He is also a member of the Mid Island Schutzhund Club, under Schutzhund USA.  He has certified and been the trainer of many narcotics and explosive detection dogs being used nationally and overseas. Today, Joe is proud to operate Maximum K9 Service, a full service dog facility located on Long Island NY. The facility provides several levels of dog training, along with dog sports, professional dog grooming, a fully stocked retail store and healthy food market specializing in the  proprietary branded raw food and supplement line called Maximum K9 Nutrition.  Maximum K9 has a partnership with Nick Vannerom and Dog Runner Treadmills, a Belgium based company, and is the sole importer and dealer for all U.S. and Canada for Dog Runner Treadmills.   In addition Maximum K9 also provides specialized professional services including, but not limited to, K9 security and scent detection work.

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